Tradisi Bapalas Bidan dan Dinamikanya pada Masyarakat Suku Dayak Bakumpai Di Kabupaten Barito Selatan

  • Resviya Resviya FKIP Universitas PGRI Palangka Raya


The Bapalas tradition of midwives as the identity of a local culture owned by the Dayak tribe in Kalimantan. Each culture will produce cultural products both traditions and arts that reflect the identity of that culture. In the culture of the Dayak tribe, there are also many local traditions that have an important role in ritual rituals in the special community of the Bakumpai Dayak tribe community in South Barito Regency. The tradition of balapa midwives plays a very important role, this process includes five shelves, namely: firstly escorting the child (bathing the baby) The first ritual performed by the midwife by mixing the kambat and mayang into the air to bathe the baby. The second stage of mahunjeng plot (set foot on the ground) is the baby's first process to set foot on the ground containing coins (coin). The third stage of the process of managing a child (swinging a baby) on a trip carrying three sarong. The initial stage of the process of wagging a chicken on a baby swing that works symbolically to get rid of bad luck for the child (baby). While the Pinduduk function consists of rice, iron (coconut) iron (knife), plates, brown sugar, cloth gloves, and coins (coins) that are inserted into the bowl (bowl made of aluminum) Pinduduk is a symbol of personification of human nature, coconut symbol head, blood symbol sugar, sarong symbol wrapping, iron bone symbol, and money are the layers of the spirit. The stage of accepting the process of bargaining Batampung is a salvation event to welcome the birth of a child. The meaning of the bapalas midwife ritual is: 1) religious meaning, namely the implementation of the bapalas midwife ritual is a part of man intended to purify the human being produced and inner, so that teak can be used as part of the making of Allah SWT, then humans will achieve physical and spiritual well-being, 2) the meaning of culture, which is the ritual of a midwife bapalas when viewed from its actions and behavior, as a deep-rooted tradition or culture that has value because it produces from which results in being subtle and motivated by religious values.


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Jul 6, 2020
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